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Welcome to 338Canada, an independently owned media website about politics, polling, and electoral projections.

While 338Canada.com provides numbers and charts that depict the political landscape across Canada — both federally and provincially — 338Canada.ca will feature analysis on the latest polls, trends, and map analysis by various political minds across the country.

As the Canadian political landscape keeps evolving, it is through scientific polling data that we may hope to understand Canadians’ perceptions, concerns, and hopes for the future. We will dig deep in the data to explain and analyze what gets lost in our day-to-day noisy environment.

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Philippe J. Fournier
Editor-in-Chief, 338Canada

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Philippe J. Fournier 

Poll analyst, writer for Politico and L'actualité magazine. Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 338Canada & Qc125. Day job: teaching physics, astrophysics, and astronomy.

Kyle Hutton

Activist, environmentalist, data nerd. He/him. Contributor on 338Canada.

Curtis Fric

Social Media Manager & Data Analyst. Owner and Operator of Polling Canada and Contributor to 338Canada.

Alex McPhee

Saskatchewan's favourite hoofed mammal. Professional cartographer, political data analyst, 338Canada contributor.